Swimming Apps

With the worlds of mobile devices and the applications provided, it was only a matter of time before developers came up with various swimming apps for everything from training to comparing your times to regional and international times. These apps are available on most mobile platforms including the most popular such as Android and iOS.
Here we will look at a few of these apps and see what they can do for you. The list is in no order and aren’t necessarily those with the highest rating. We choose a few with various features that can provide different types of info all in one. More specified apps can be downloaded when you need more info, but for now one of the following apps will give you the best overall info.

Speedo Fit

All of us know the brand Speedo. They have made a huge name for themselves in the swimming world with the of swimwear options. They have now also developed an application that will improve your overall swimming experience and provide you with info you need on both mobile and tablet.


The app keeps track of every swim when you enter the details. Enter your distance and times to see your progress. The app will provide a summary of your strong points and where you made the biggest advances. The app can be linked to Apple Health, which will give you a health benefit summary as well.

Motivate yourself with goals you set for yourself. The app will keep track of these goals and show you detailed reports of how you are getting closer to them and where you need improvement.

Have your friends download the Speedo app and connect with them for challenges or to just keep track of each other. Search for public pools in your area or worldwide when you travel. Save your favourites and invite your friends to join you.


Swim Log

The app comes with a small price of just $4.99 once off, which is rather low compared to the prices of other apps and what they offer. With Swim Log you can get a full range of info about your swimming experience within seconds and most of this info doesn’t even require a network connection. It’s only available on apple devices including iPod, iPhone and iPad.
Enter your times after every swim and all the app to keep track of your improvements. You can see how your speeds increase or decrease with a detailed graph and also compare it to the times from regional and international swimmers.

Download the app on multiple devices to ensure you also have the info with you. The app with sync every data entry as soon as it connects to a network or when you choose by changing the settings. Easily send your improvements via email to anyone you want.


These apps can provide you with the info you want. Coaches used to enter their data with pen and paper to try access have the info that these apps provide within seconds. These are definitely beneficial to every swimmer.