Lessons on an Advanced Level

Once you have gone through all the basics of learning how to swim properly and you have become confident in your abilities, you might find that you are still not as fast as you want to be in the water. Joining a club in the beginning stages when you learn to swim properly will provide a massive benefit when it comes to this stage. If you belong to a club, your coach will provide the following information, but for those of you who don’t, here are a few tips to improve your swimming abilities and speed.

Keep Your Body Straight

The first key to improving our speed is to ensure your entire body is in line. Think of a straight arrow flying through the water due to its sleek straight shape. If this arrow was full of bends, it will not have the ability to move through the water at the same speed. It will also not be able to travel as far as the straight arrow. Much of this information can help you improve your swimming and the distances you are able to reach.

Try to keep your body in line and now allow your hips, knees or back to create a bend. This is no easy to have to get used to, but the more you practice the better it will get. Focus on these points while you swim and you will notice any problem areas.


Kick Within a Certain Space

Once you have managed to keep your body straight, it’s important to ensure your legs do not expand too far beyond this arrow. Try to kick within a certain diameter, which allows your whole body to remain straight and achieve better speed.

Breathe on Rotation

As your body flows from side to side with every stroke, try to time your breathing with this rotation. Lifting your head out the water looking forward will slow you down as your chest causes a bend in the arrow. Simply tilt your head to the side while pulling your arm back for the next stroke. Take short breaths without allowing your lungs to expand your chest completely, which will slow you down because of the chest size expanding.

Keep Your Arms Straight

Each time you complete a stroke make sure your arm extends out in front of you. Keep you on straight and allow the water to flow easily by also keep your hands flat. As you reach back for another stroke ensure your other hand remain straight for the duration of the strike. As your hand completing the stroke returns, ensure you follow back to the straits, flat hand for the best results.

Push More Water

With every stroke ensure that your fingers are kept together and try to put your hand into a cup position as you push back. This will ensure you achieve maximum velocity with every stroke, but also remember to flatten your hand when reaching out in front of you.