How to Train

Most athletes have different training schedules at the beginning of the season and approaching a championship. Even though these changes are quite common, athletes should not make any major changes to any part of their training program or diet before any big championship. The best way to build up your body towards the championship is to begin at the beginning of the season and work your way up to more powerful and longer workout sessions.

Any drastic changes to any part of your schedule could have a negative effect on your body when the championship day arrives. This doesn’t mean the changes will make you ill or anything like that, but studies have shown that major changes could affect your time, decrease fitness and most importantly your abilities.

Don’t Try to Change Your Diet

Changing your diet is a definite no go. Many athletes prefer to increase certain aspects of the diets before a big championship, which in most cases just have a negative effect on your body. Your body gets into routine and get used to what to expect at certain times of the day. Changing these times can affect your energy levels and away your body stores with energy. Making a any major changes to your diet just before a championship could present various difficulties and even slow you down during the race.

If you prefer to change your diet, make sure you apply these changes are a few weeks before the championship. Making minor changes a few days before the race will not have a major effect on your body, but be sure to avoid any drastic changes.

energy drinks

Energy Drinks

There have been many cases where athletes try to get as much energy into their bodies when approaching the end of the championship. Many think that these energy drinks will provide them with a major boost and give them the edge during the next race.

Actually, these energy drinks will not give you the benefits you desire. If your body is not used to these, chances are they will make you sick more than anything else. As mentioned above, your body gets used to a certain diet and eating plan, which means including higher volumes of strange substances could have a major effect within hours. The best and most natural way to increase your energy levels is to eat fruit that contains natural sugars. Be careful of eating or drinking too much before a race as this is simply extra weight that needs to be moved through the water.

Eating Habits

If you need to make any major eating habits changes just before a big event, you might want to consider changing your overall diet at the beginning of the season. Making diet changes early in the season will allow your body to get used to your new eating style and the types of foods you consume. An ideal diet will not require any changes before a championship and the athlete might prefer to add just a few small things to provide more energy before the race.