Blacktip Shark Found in Condo Pool

South Floridians commonly see Blacktip sharks on the coast, this is one of their breeding grounds and due to the immense food sources surrounding the region, these sharks very rarely leave these waters. This is why two citizens were shocked to find a blacktip shark located in their Condo swimming pool.

Blacktip Shark

This swimming pool is located only twenty feet away from the shoreline of the sea. These two citizens whom found this shark stated that they saw two young men running from the scene. The “Florida Wildlife Association” was called & they retrieved this shark. Luckily they were able to return it to the sea, it’s unknown if the shark passed later on due to being infected by chlorine. This is most likely the case and due to this the “People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals” are offering a $5,000 reward to anyone whom provides evidence that leads to the capture of these individuals. It’d allow for authorities for arrest these men for these horrendous crimes towards this create.

Exposure to chlorine is by far one of the deadliest things for or any aquatic creature for that manner. They breathe in the oxygen from water, fresh water barely has any which that alone allows for the shark to die a slow & painful death. When mixed with chlorine it’s as if they’d be breathing in front of a pipe releasing a smog ash cloud, needless to say the effects would be life changing for the shark or deadly. Anyone with information should content this association immediately.