John Isner and Milos Raonic Hoping to Upset Opponents in Aussie Open

Australian Open

Tennis stars, American John Raonic and Milos Isner from Canada are hoping to upset their elite opponents in the fourth round of the Australian Open.

Thirty-year-old Isner is facing David Ferrer, who Isner has lost to before. Raonic on the other hand is up against Stan Wawrinka the two time Grand Slam Champion. Thirty three year old Ferrer is far more experienced compared to Isner and has reached the final in the French Open, and the semi-final at the Australian Open and the U.S Open. Isner is yet to get past the Quarterfinals at a Grand Slam and in order to succeed in Melbourne he is focussing on keeping points short. Isner planned to play aggressively, as he knows Ferrer would want to get on top of the baseline and move him around all day, he never gets tired. Isner is planning to go for shots in trying to keep points shorter as he feels it is his only way, it’s impossible to rally with Ferrer in drawn out rallies.


Raonic also have his plans in order, he shared that it feels like he is finding answers, he planning on taking care of his serves, also plans to create opportunities in return. Raonic shares that he is reacting much better, which enables him to get a lot more back in returns and it allows him to put more pressure on his opponents. Eventually the opportunities is coming and with him knowing what to do, matches are sure well worth looking forward to, as he says he feels that his playing is good enough and the question remains can he make full use of this opportunity.