Novak Djokovic – the Champion That Slays Giants

The ATP world tennis ranking system had its inauguration in 1973, tennis legend Ilie Nastase became the first to be ranked ATP world number one, since 1973, only 25 men attained world number one ranking according to the ATP ranking system.

Novak Djokovic first reached the position in 2011, according to current ATP standings accrued a total of 179 weeks at the top of the world tennis rankings to, on 2 November 2015, surpass John McEnroe’s 170 exemplary weeks. However, he still trails in the wake of Jimmy Connors at 268, Ivan Lendl at 270, Pete Sampras at 286, and all time champion Roger Federer that accrued 302 weeks spent at the top in the course of his career, while tennis giant Rafael Nadal trails in his wake at 141 weeks.

Novak Djokovic

Novak’s top ranked performance in 2015 garnered him an ATP points total of 16,790, in comparison to Andy Murray’s second-place at 8,945, and Roger Federer in third at 8,165, Stan Wawrinka in fourth 6,865, and world fan favourite Rafael Nadal’s fifth position with the point standings of 5,230. He reached the finals of every tournament he entered to achieve a crushing victory in the 2015 ATP season.

By the end of 2015, he had broken his personal ATP points record in the rankings after accumulating 16,790, and followed footsteps of tennis greats, John McEnroe (4), Ivan Lendl, Roger Federer (5), Jimmy Connors, and Pete Sampras (6), he became only the sixth player able to finish a season as the world number one ranked player on four occasions. Earlier this year he went on to collect the 60th title of his career in Doha after his defeat of Nadal in 2 sets and just 73 minutes.

This year, during this match in Doha’s cool desert air crowd favourite Rafael Nadal, a magnificent athlete and normally a brilliant protagonist, received a bullying at the hands of Novak Djokovic. Rafael sent scurrying across the court off each serve only to have them returned with laser like accuracy along a predestined path.